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Meet Dr. Taylor Binkley

Dr. Dylan and wife

Getting Personal With Chiropractic

Dr. Taylor Binkley is originally from Weston, MO. After graduation from high school, she attended Northwest Missouri State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with an emphasis in Medicinal Chemistry. It was at NWMSU that Dr. Taylor began personal training and teaching fitness classes that she developed an interest in how the human body moves and functions. This interest pushed her toward exploring different holistic methods that support the body’s natural healing and movement patterns when she fell in love with Chiropractic Care.

Through her education at Cleveland University-Kansas City, she connected with a specific population of patients. Because of this, she became a member of the ICPA and pursued her Webster Certification to better care for women during their prenatal and postnatal journey’s. She will continue to work toward further prenatal, postnatal and pediatric certifications through the ICPA to server her community in the highest capacity.

Dr. Taylor is excited to be serving a community so close to where she grew up.

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